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Quinn's journey is a fusion of her love for athletics and aesthetics, woven seamlessly into her path as a designer. Drawing inspiration from her background in competitive sports and a keen eye for design, she embarked on a creative voyage at Parsons School of Design. There, her focus shifted towards the technical and materiality aspects of design, exploring the integration of bio textiles and 3-D modeling to redefine fashion product.

At the heart of Quinn's design philosophy is a dedication to environmental sustainability and the elevation of daily living through thoughtful design interventions. With a diverse portfolio spanning graphics, fine art, fashion, and landscape design, Quinn has refined her skills through freelance work and internships with various brands.


Her ultimate goal is to lend her creative vision to collaborative design firms, where she can contribute to the development of impactful interior projects. Passionate about both the process and the outcome of her work, Quinn thrives on the journey of creation and the transformative potential of design.

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